My projects

As I listed on the main web page, I will be talking about my brochure and my isometric city. To start, I will talk about the brochures. I made two brochures in this class, one about granville island. The school brochure was a practice brochure for the main one, granville island, so I will be talking about the granville island brochure. At granville island, we took countless photos to put onto a brochure. Going to granville island was the best field trip I had evere been on, but the work we had to do after was a bit stressful. I had to send tons of photos to my own gmail and download them. Although the hassle of writing about granville island and downloading photos was difficult, the theming was very fun. I could crop photos into pentagons and cicles and I made my brochure many different colours. I talked about the scenery, public market, and even the flowers. It was a very fun experience, but now moving onto the isometric city.

The isometric city was definitely the hardest project and it's not even close. I tried to make curved roads, but I simply couldn't. I tried to make a 3D building, but it was too hard. I got my partners to help me out a bit, but it was still quite the stuggle. I made a garage house, a 3D building and some roads. My friends did the trees, big buildings, and some small houses. We eventually got it all sorted out and adjusted, but it was a very difficult task.If you would like to back to the main web page, click here.