My self portrait

My self portrait is the first difficult project I did on adobe illustrator. It really challenged my abilities and my knowledge of adobe illustrator. I am very proud of what I did, besides some mistakes. The gradient background is also a comfortable thing that I can do at any time now. My favourite gradient is green mixing into blue, since I have used it on multiple projects.

The process of this project wasn't too difficult after some practising. I did some practice with a photo of Will Smith, but not using as much detail, so this one was different. I needed to take a photo of myself, mostly my face. After taking the photo, I was a bit flustered on what to do, but I started with my face, then my eyes, lips, neck, shirt, etc. There were still some flaws in my work, like when I put the face layer on top of the eye layer. The first day was finished, and I was ready for day two. I made some adjustments to the chin and the shirt, but by that time I was basically done. I finished my gradient background and I was very content with it, so I handed it in, and I was done. To go back to the main web page,click here.